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       Rettey 6' x 12' Little Cruiser

6' x 12' Pontoon Boat





The Rettey 6' x 12' Little Cruiser is the most versatile portable pontoon platform for fishing or cruising small lakes.

The 6' x 12' Little Cruiser:

  • was designed for a capacity of 4 people of 800 lbs
  • has two rows of pontoons
  • cruises on electric trolling through 10 HP gas motors
  • is exceptionally maneuverable for small water bodies
  • quickly and easily loads to and from a trailer
  • is a good step-up for a jon boat replacement
  • has an optional helmstead for mounting motor controls
  • includes a standard 27" high railing with a 33" wide front gate, 24" wide side gates and a 21" front step as shown above
  • is available with a 27" high railing with a 33" wide front gate and a 4' front patio as shown in the center photo below
  • can be customized with other railing options
  • has bumpers on the front & rear and grab handles down both sides
  • includes two navigational lights and two docking cleats


6' x 12' Under the Deck6' x 12' with Patio6' x 12' On Trailer

Little Cruiser
6' x 12'
People Capacity
Weight Capacity
800 lbs
Rows of Pontoons
Kit Available
Assembly Available
Minimum Motor
Maximum Motor
10 HP
Railing Package


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6' x 12' Pontoon Boat 6' x 12' Under the Deck 6' x 12' with Patio 6' x 12' on Trailer